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In March I published a guide to how the official Brexit process will mesh with the work Government and Parliament must do to ensure that EU law has been replaced or incorporated by March 2019.

I’ve now updated the update I provided in April, when the General Election was announced, to take into account recent announcements and commentary from relevant parties.

The documents aim to bring together everything we know or can assume about the timetable, including estimates of when the Great Repeal Bill will go through its various stages in Parliament, when consultations will take place, and when secondary legislation will be laid before Parliament.

This is important to know – if organisations do not know what to expect, they may miss an opportunity to scrutinise and respond to, or simply plan for, proposed changes. This will further weaken the legislative process – civil servants drafting the legislation will not receive the input they need, and the Commons and Lords, already struggling with the sheer volume of primary and secondary legislation, may not catch whatever needs to be corrected.

Do take a look and please let me know if you have further suggestions. It’s a work in progress!

Word document and explanatory notes: Brexit, the GE, and the Parliamentary Process – 080617


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