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Building and managing a team

This workshop will help Account Managers and Account Directors reflect on their role and responsibilities within the agency, and to acknowledge the additional demands on their time that come with seniority.

Acknowledging that they are expected to take on a more strategic role, they will understand how vital it is that they free up time to do the more thoughtful pieces of work and provide guidance, whilst at the same time ensuring that the team delivers their work to deadline and to the standard expected by the agency.

With management training covered elsewhere, this workshop will hone in on the more demanding aspects of management: setting and upholding standards, addressing weaknesses within the team, and tackling performance issues.

Core content typically includes:teamm3

Your role

  • What is expected (with agency input)
  • How to look after the team AND meet
    business needs

teamm1Agreeing the standard

  • Communicating expectations on quality, deadlines etc.
  • Identifying ‘typical’ issues that are likely to emerge
  • Exploring how to address these constructively

Handling different styles and personalities

  • Understanding your style and ways of communicating
  • Understanding others’ styles and needs

Tackling issuesteamm2

  • Identifying what can get in the way of tackling an issue and how to overcome those obstacles / fears
  • Providing feedback
  • Agreeing a way forward
  • When to involve senior management