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discimage001Building rapport with clients and colleagues

Would you like to be able to understand your team better?

Have you ever felt frustrated as to why someone seemed to think and behave so differently from you?

Would you like to be able to identify your clients’ – or a prospective client’s – communication styles and adapt your own so you can build better rapport?

This workshop introduces agencies to the DISC behavioural model and equips you with the tools to support better communication. It is particularly helpful in improving work productivity, teamwork and communication and when forging new relationships, as with clients.

Importantly, DISC is non-judgemental. It helps people understand their behavioural differences, recognise their strengths and also possible challenge areas.

Core content includes:

Introduction to the DISC behavioural modeldisc3

  • Gain an understanding of the 4 basic DISC styles and why people do what they do
  • Understand when and why the 4 styles get along and why sometimes they don’t
  • Identify the motivators, drivers and fears of each type to help maximise performance

Team dynamicsdisc1

  • Learn how to identify different personality styles
  • Find out what turns your team on and what turns them off
  • Understand how you could modify your behaviour to more effectively manage others and maximise their potential

Client dynamics

  • Learn what the different styles expect from their agency
  • Explore how to modify your communication style to build rapport