Building the client relationship

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Building the client relationship

Many consultants find it daunting to provide guidance, particularly face-to-face. Their nervousness, or lack of experience, can inhibit them from speaking up when they should or, when they do, undermine the quality of the advice given.

The training is designed to help consultants understand the dynamics of the client-agency relationship, to reflect on what good consultancy looks like, and to provide practical guidance on how to advise a client in a way that ensures the guidance is considered and reinforces the consultant’s authority and expertise.

More senior consultants may prefer the course on account leadership.

Core content typically includes:

Fostering the right reputation

  • Establishing how consultants want to be viewed by clients, prospective clients, officials, politicians, stakeholders and industry client2
  • Agreeing the qualities good consultants demonstrate
  • Agreeing how those qualities are demonstrated
  • Evaluating areas of weakness and strength

How to give advice so it is heard

  • Understanding the client’s perspective
  • Foundations for good advice
  • Finding the right tone and words

Presenting advice effectivelyclient1

  • Different demands of meetings, conference calls, email
  • Common pitfalls to avoid

‘Entering the conversation’

  • Understanding what the client wants to see
  • Establishing credibility over time
  • Pre-meeting preparation
  • Handling yourself ‘in the room’