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Effective team work

Many agencies use a team structure to better support account management and new business generation. The objective for this workshop is to help Account Executives and Senior Account Executives understand their role in the team, how to adapt to a team environment, add value and work effectively with others. The training also includes an introduction to DISC communication styles, supporting the building of rapport and better communication.

Core content typically includes:

What makes an effective team?team1

  • Purpose of the team within the agency
  • Benefits of team working for the agency and individual
  • Traits and dynamics of successful teams

Understanding team dynamics

  • Exploration of how teams develop and what to be aware of
  • Exploration of participants’ experience and how they can contribute to team development

team2Understanding others and communicating better

  • Introduction to DISC behaviour / communication styles
  • Managers’ needs, mindsets and communication styles
  • Colleagues’ needs, mindsets and communication styles
  • Recognising and adapting to these to achieve results

Barriers to effective team work

  • Exploration of common issues (identified by the participants) and strategies to deal with them

Moving forwardteam3

  • Identifying personal goals for better more effective team work
  • Developing an action plan