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Growing the business

Many consultants worry about ‘new business’ and may have quite set beliefs about what they are and are not good at, tending to shy away from participating because they focus on their weaknesses rather than where they can add value. My aim is to help consultants to identify during the course of the training where they can focus their efforts and use their strengths.

Underpinning the training is the proposition that the new business process is quite simple but it requires persistence: in research (identifying needs, and who is affected), in making first contact (getting your foot in the door), in building relationships (getting to know the prospective client, their needs and how they think) and developing a thorough understanding of the issue so you can propose a credible, strategic way forward.

Core content typically includes:

Growing the agency

  • Understanding the context: the agency’s ambitions and targets
  • Exploring the current approach: what’s working well and where is the gap?

Understanding the public affairs / communications offer

  • How can you help an organisation or sector deal with a threat or seize an opportunity? What’s the value to them?
  • What does this mean for prospecting?


  • Profiling the existing client base and identifying opportunities
  • Seeking introductions and utilising client contacts
  • Importance of a consistent approach to networking
  • What to monitor and how to do so effectively

Making the first approach

  • Getting their attention
  • Getting the first meeting
  • Understanding the opportunity / requirement

Proposing a way forward

  • What the client wants to see
  • Demonstrating understanding and value