Introduction to Agency Life

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A clear introduction to agency life helps distil what many of us have learned on-the-job. This workshop aims to help consultants to contribute more and quicker and to understand how to work more productively with senior colleagues. It can also avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes that could damage client relationships.


  • What it means to be a consultant
  • Your agency career and progression
  • The different roles and responsibilities within an agency
  • The hard and soft skills you have to master

What it’s like to be a client

  • In-house pressures and politics
  • What motivates a client to hire an agency
  • What motivates a client to expand the brief
  • What motivates a client to fire an agency
  • What good client care looks like

Managing your reputation

  • Being “professional” inside and outside the office
  • Managing-up and communicating
  • The importance of being pro-active and self-reflective
  • Dressing for your role
  • Corporate etiquette

Understanding the business (optional)

  • Why new business and organic growth matter
  • How contracts are priced
  • The importance of ‘paperwork’ i.e. timesheets, contracts etc.