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Coaching for under 25s

I recognise that for some, particularly younger practitioners, it may be difficult to afford support. Every quarter I offer pro-bono a three month coaching programme, consisting of 6 sessions, to support one practitioner under the age of 25. To qualify you must be on either the PRCA or APPC registers, be able to provide proof of age, and not have access to a training budget within your organisation.

To find out more, please take a look at the overview of the U25s coaching programme. When you are ready do get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss how we might work together. If coaching seems a suitable way forward, and you meet the criteria, we can look at placing you on that programme when a space becomes available.

Providing funding for mental health support

According to the PRCA and PR Week, 1 in 3 in the PR industry have suffered from mental ill health, yet, less than half of us would be comfortable talking about our mental health with a colleague or line manager.

Motivated by my own experiences, and of those around me, I wanted to do something to address this: to reduce the stigma and to help young practitioners access the best mental health provision possible, without ending up on a long NHS waiting list.

From October 2016 public affairs practitioners, under the age of 35, listed on either the APPC or PRCA register, can receive help accessing mental health support. The fund subsidises the cost of psychoanalytic consultations with the London Clinic of Psychoanalysis for up to 10 practitioners in need.

For more information please click here.