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Project management

This workshop can stand alone or build on the time management workshop. It will help participants understand how day-to-day time management impacts project management; manage projects with a clearer understandng of client and agency needs; plan effectively and in sufficient detail; identify and plan for common pitfalls; and develop further as a result of each project, identifying and acting on lessons learned.

Core content typically includes:

Project management

  • Defining what ‘good’ and ‘great’ project management looks like
  • Understanding the objectives and key milestonesproj2
  • Understanding the client’s and agency’s needs during a project

Roles and responsibilities

  • Understanding and agreeing roles and responsibilities
  • Importance of taking ownership and a proactive mind-set
  • Handling delegation effectively


  • Defining what needs to be done and how
  • Breaking projects down into phases, and going deeper
  • Identifying assumptions and risks and building in buffers
  • Identifying how quality will be maintained

Implementation: getting it done

  • proj3Getting the communication right (within the team, agency and client)
  • Handling the unexpected
  • Maintaining quality

Closing a project and strengthening the client relationship

  • Closing professionally
  • Reinforcing the value of the work with the client
  • Sharing lessons where needed