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Taking the lead on accounts

Account Managers and Account Directors have usually mastered the provision of routine guidance, but a change in dynamic or a difficult situation can lead to the return of nerves, inhibiting them from speaking up when they should or leading to over-reliance on a more senior consultant stepping in.

The training is designed to help consultants look again at the dynamics of the client-agency relationship, to reflect on what good consultancy looks like even when under pressure, and to provide practical guidance on how to advise a client in a way that ensures the guidance is considered and reinforces the consultant’s authority and expertise.

Defining good and great leadershipteaml3

  • Agreeing what ‘good’ and ‘great’ looks like
  • Agreeing how those qualities are demonstrated to others
  • Evaluating areas of weakness and strength

Building strong client relationships

  • teaml2Understanding the client’s perspective
  • Understanding how clients’ styles and needs vary
  • Evaluating the situation drivers / politics
  • Finding the right tone, words and approach

Visible leadership in the presence of clients

  • Understanding what the client wants to see
  • Establishing team roles and credibility

Providing counsel under pressure

  • teaml1Diagnosing the issue
  • Foundations for good advice – what to cover off
  • Identifying and disclosing areas of uncertainty
  • Reflecting and responding to further client input

Handling ‘typical’ client-agency difficulties

  • Old account, new client
  • Mission creep/over-servicing
  • Work or advice ignored or value questioned
  • Delays or indecisiveness client-side
  • Client expectations are not met