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“Nikki worked closely over the course of a month with one of our consultants. Her experience as a senior manager, and someone who understands both public affairs and the pressures agencies face, made a real difference. We’re definitely seeing the impact. It’s great to know we have someone who we can come to in the future, and who can provide tailored support on an individual level as well as training.”

Elin de Zoete, Deputy Managing Director, PLMR:

“I’d worked in public affairs early in my career, but left the industry little more than a year later as I didn’t find it intellectually challenging. Then I met Nikki and she made me think again. In our first meeting, she encouraged me to reflect on objectives, strategy and tactics; probed my thought processes; challenged my approach; and made me think about what I really wanted from my career. She committed from day one to helping me get the most out of myself, and she’s never stopped doing this. Two years after joining Bellenden as an Account Manager, I’m an Associate Director and have my own team.”

Natasha Graham, Associate Director, Bellenden (now Newington)

“I have been mentored by Nikki since June and have found it a liberating and very enjoyable experience.  My role includes responsibility for my organisation’s public affairs activity and I have drawn on Nikki’s extensive experience in this area.  Where I think Nikki excels, however, is in her ability to gently steer me in a more strategic direction – resisting the temptation to offer her own thoughts directly.  It’s this enabling me to find my own solutions wherever possible, that I find so liberating.  It has changed the way I interact with others and has increased my confidence in my abilities and my work.  I would recommend her to anyone.”

Anonymous for confidentiality reasons. Individual client, in-house

“I met Nikki at a pivotal time of my career when, unsatisfied and disenchanted about the role I was in, I couldn’t see which direction to take and I started questioning my ability as a public affairs consultant. Her great professional experience, coupled with an uncommon capacity of connecting with people on a human level, makes her an extraordinary coach and mentor. Although she has always been very sympathetic, Nikki never let me indulge in my comfort zone, gently pushing me towards the direction that was right for me even if I couldn’t realise it at the time. Now that I am happily settled in a new role I like, I am confident she will be able to guide me towards my next professional step.”

Anonymous for confidentiality reasons. Individual client, agency to in-house transition