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Time management

A great deal rests with Account Executives and Senior Account Executives, and it is vital that they can handle the pressures of working in a fast-paced agency environment, deliver to brief, to deadline and to the high standard expected by the agency.

This in turn supports the growth of the agency by ensuring that capacity is used efficiently and effectively – client needs are met and time is available for new business.

This workshop will help participants to prioritise effectively, understand current behaviours, patterns and typical productivity traps, identify and tackle obstacles to better time management, understand how to say ‘no’ in a way that remains helpful, and develop an action plan to encourage self-discipline and make improvements.

Core content typically includes: time2

Why good time and project management matters

  • Importance for career progression
  • Meeting client needs
  • Meeting agency needs
  • The cost of lost time (value of hours and opportunities lost)

Setting the standard

  • Roles, responsibilities and the agency’s expectationstime1
  • What this means for how an AE or SAE should spend their time
  • Comparison with current time allocation
  • Recognising and tackling ‘time bandits’


  • Why simple ‘to do lists’ aren’t enough
  • Prioritising and planning for maximum impact

time3Smart ways to tackle work

  • Planning shortcuts
  • The ‘power hour’
  • Tips and tricks to beat procrastination

Knowing when you may have to say ‘no’

  • Why it is important for the AE/SAE and the agency
  • How to recognise and flag issues in good time