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One-to-one support: coaching and mentoring

We work in a high-pressured and competitive industry, so having someone who can support you, with whom you can let down your guard, explore issues, share your ambitions and insecurities and come up with a strategy to ensure you excel, can make all the difference.


My role as a coach is to support and empower you to focus on the future you want, to make positive change, and achieve your goals.

My aim is to create space for you to think, to help you to articulate and work towards your goals, recognise your strengths and overcome challenges. We’ll work together to help you tap into your own intuitions as to what will work best, harness your enthusiasm and take action.  [More…]


As your mentor, I am committed to your success. My role is to help you to realise your potential by providing friendly, unbiased support, guidance and encouragement.

I will listen to the things that are important to you or worrying you, provide a sounding board for ideas, and where appropriate, provide an outside perspective or help by sharing my own experience of both failures and successes, and honest and constructive feedback. [More…]


Often we assume that practitioners will just pick up how to do public affairs – that they will learn by observing and being taught on-the-job – but as a methodology for knowledge transfer it tends to be weak. It gives an advantage to the natural ‘stars’ but leaves many potentially very good consultants, who just need a little more support, at a disadvantage.

I develop training specific to the public affairs industry, tailored to each client. My aim is to design training that helps practitioners develop faster, equipping them with the tools and structures to help guide their thinking, supporting them to deliver more for their organisation. [More…]


Running a public affairs function or agency can be lonely and, as an industry, we are poor at sharing best practice. Sometimes it helps to have an external perspective. Typical assignments have included how to establish a public affairs function, foster growth or tackle cultural, staff or client retention issues.